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Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 2: From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons

by Roman Pelts and

GM Lev Alburt

Volume II takes up where Volume 1 leaves off. Ideal for group or individual instruction, this workbook explains and develops all the skills necessary to playing effectively in your very first tournament!

"Thirty years ago, Roman Pelts was my chess teacher in Odessa, Russia. Later he assembled all knowledge essential for becoming a stronger player in this Comprehensive Chess Course. The techniques used in the Course proved to be a success for me as well as for generations of chess players in Russia and later in Canada and the United States. Now, the Course can help you learn chess the correct way to realize your chess potential fully."

--Grandmaster Lev Alburt, three-time U.S. Champion.

"This work adopts methods of teaching prevalent in the Soviet Union and Europe, and rather badly needed in this country as an alternative to the catch-as-catch-ca way of learning that is prevalent here.

"Comprehensive Chess Course is a true chess course of the sort that would be formally offered in school. It is designed for a chess coach or teacher."

--Harold Dondis, The Boston Globe

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