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Through-the-mail lessons start at $80 per hour. Over-the-telephone and face-to-face lessons are also available. In the long run, these lessons can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

You'll escape buying an untold number of books not right for you, and you'll avoid wasting time on topics that aren't time-efficient. Even a single lesson can help you reassess your game and put you on the right track to major improvement--—and to winning more chess games!

Reach your full potential. Contact me today to schedule your first lesson!

--GM Lev Alburt

Call me at 212-794-8706 or:

As a chess teacher, my job is to provide my students quick, steady, and noticeable improvement, without wasting their valuable time.

After discussing your chess and analyzing your games, I'll design the most effective, personalized study program for you--based on the same, proven, Russian developed system that led to half a century of world champions. It does work.

Improve Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

with personal instruction from three-time U.S.Champion GM Lev Alburt , either in person or over the phone!

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