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Pirc Alert!

A Complete Defense Against 1. e4

By GM Lev Alburt

and GM Alex Chernin

with Al Lawrence

Every chess player needs a defense he can trust. Pirc Alert! gives you a complete repertoire, everything you need to know to defend against Whites most popular way of starting the game, 1. e4. International Grandmasters Alburt and Chernin explain both the winning ideas as well as the theory and moves of the Pirc Defense, a dynamic system used by the worlds chess elite. Additionally, the merits of the Modern Defense, a related opening, are considered in every one of Whites variations.

Ideal for those who have other demands on their time, the Pirc rewards understanding its ideas over rote memorization.

Pirc Alert! is packed with surprise weapons. It gives you the most thorough explanation of an openings themes and ideas ever published. Your whole approach to openings will leap to a new level. Youll win more games and enjoy chess more.

Proven educational techniques make it easy for you to read and remember. The most important ideas and positions are set off in color. Lesson previews give you the context, and unique Memory Markers lock in what youve learned. And nearly 1,000 diagrams often allow you to study without a board.

"Pirc Alert! ... does a fine job at being thematic while offering enough analysis to satisfy anyone who wants to adopt the defense that runs 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 4 Nc3 g6."--Andy Soltis, Chess Grandmaster, New York Post, June 3, 2001

448 pages, paperback, more than 900 diagrams

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