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Building Up Your Chess

The Art of Accurate Evaluation 

and Other Winning Techniques


by GM Lev Alburt


Building Up Your Chess gives you an innovative and refreshingly understandable approach to chess mastery by one of the most renowned teachers in the world. The ability to judge a position accurately is at the heart of the good chess. Whats more, learning to evaluate builds all of your skills in all phases of chessopening, middlegame and ending.


Lev Alburt introduces you to his own invention. The System of Predicted Results, as well as to a pictorial was of graphing a game that tracks and explains its move-by-move evaluation. Youll learn how to master one position at a time, see how opening discoveries are made, and improve quickly with questions-and-answer sessions.


Whether youre a beginner or a master, youll soon be playing up to your true potential and enjoying chess more as you understand it better.


Building Up Your Chess is an expanded, updated, and redesigned edition of a previous best-seller, Test & Improve Your Chess.


More than 400 diagrams


352 pages, paperback

Building Up Your Chess The Art of Accurate Evaluation & Other Winning Techniques

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