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Chess Strategy 

for the Tournament Player


by GM Lev Alburt

and GM Sam Palatnik


Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player is the revised edition of the classic that takes the mystery out of long-term planning in chess. It gives you the practical, game-winning strategic techniques you could spend years gathering on your own. 


Each idea is explained and illustrated using games carefully chosen for their instructive clarity and power. 

This book can stand alone. It is also the fifth volume of the Comprehensive Chess Course, a series that brings English readers the once strictly guarded and time-tested Russian training methods, the key to the 50-year Russian dominance of the chess world. 


About the authors: International Grandmaster Lev Albert, a three-time U.S. champion and former European champion, is called the “grandmaster of chess teachers.” This famed teacher, who helps students of all strengths and ages, has spent years translating secret lesson plans used to produce a long line of Soviet world champions. The result is the Comprehensive Chess Course. His co-author in this volume is GM Sam Palatnik, a former captain of the Ukranian squad that recently won the silver medal in the world team championship ahead of Russia! GM Palatnik is renowned for putting into practice many of the brilliant ideas included in this book.


Contains 350 diagrams


352 pages, paperback

Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player

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