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Chess Training Pocket Book

300 Most Important Positions & Ideas


by GM Lev Alburt


Chess Training Pockel Book:300 Most Important Positions & Ideas gives you the maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Each position is distilled from thousands shown to students both in Russia and the US over decades. Each holds something special and important. When you study one of these positions, you can be sure that you are acquiring an important piece of practical chess knowledge. Indeed, the major portion of all practical chess knowledge is represented in this book!


It's a small book, but its construction has taken a lifetime. Chess Training Pocket Book will save you years of hit-and-miss reading and sporadic improvement, because it gathers together for you the crucial, game-winning knowledge in one easy-to-carry volume. Not surprisingly, this most time-efficient approach is also the approach that leads to both the deepest understanding and the most enjoyment of chess.


"Amazing! Pocket Book contains all the essential knowledge/"

—GM BDris GulkD, former US and USSR Champion


"GM Lev Alburt improves the health Of your chess game by cutting the fat from your training.You read only what you need. "

—Martin Katahn, author of The T-Factor Diet


International Grandmaster Lev Alburt, three-time US Champion and former European Champion, is one of the most sought-after chess teachers, and the only top-echelon GM to develop time-efficient lessons for those below master strength.


Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions & Ideasis the sixth volume of GM Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course, a seven-volume series that brings English readers the once strictly guarded and time-tested Russian training methods, the key to the 50-year Russian dominance of world chess. Comprehensive Chess Course takes you from beginner to master.


300 diagrams


188 pages, paperback

Chess Training Pocket Book 300 Most Important Positions & Ideas

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