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Just the Facts

Winning Chess Endgame Knowledge 

in One Volume


by GM Lev Alburt

and GM Nikolay Krogius


Nothing more clearly separates chess master from chess wannabee than winning endgame play. Accurate opening play can be satisfying, and combinations in the middlegame are exciting. But for most chess players, victory is the real finish line. And the endgame is the last lap of the race.


Depending on whether or not you command the necessary endgame knowledge, you can spoil hours of planning, or you can enjoy the victory you've spent the whole game earning. You can even pull yourself out of the steely jaws of a "certain" defeat! The best news is that you don't need to memorize thousands of positions, but only a few carefully selected ones. Combine these with the clear and concise explanations in Just the Facts!

and you have the "magic key to chess mastery."


Just the Facts!: Winning Endgame Knowledge in One Volume  boils down all essential endgame wisdom into one volume you can use to win games for the rest of your life. (Unlike opening variations, endgame knowledge is immutable.) The principles of the endgame are very different from those in the opening and middlegame-some rules even reverse themselves! Just the Facts! gives you the ideas and the ability to recognize when to apply them.


Just the Facts! is the seventh volume of the best-selling Comprehensive Chess Course that can take you from beginner to master.


Grandmaster Lev Alburt is the only top-echelon GM to develop time-efficient, maximum-impact lessons for those below master strength. His co-author Grandmaster Nikolay Krogius is a famed endgame expert, and a renowned trainer and chess psychologist so highly valued that World Champion Boris Spassky, in his 1972 defense against Bobby Fischer, insisted on Krogius as a special coach. Krogius trained a famous and dominant generation of Russian grandmasters. Now you have access to his special insights and techniques.


412 pages, paperback, 543 diagrams

Just the Facts Winning Chess Endgame Knowledge in One Volume

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