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levels. Want to go from absolute beginner to neighborhood champ? Complete Level I in only one afternoon, play some practice games, and you'll quickly be saying checkmate!

When you're ready to become a tough tournament-level compet-itor, Level II cuts through the mysteries of strategy and tactics to show you precisely what you need to know.

And, if you decide that you won't settle for anything less than being an Expert, Level III puts you on the path to being a tournament champion!

Chess for the Gifted and Busy

CHESS FOR THE GIFTED AND BUSY gives you the fast-est way to learn to play chess. Its innovative and succinct ap-proach is tailored to those who want to learn quickly, without missing out on important ideas.

Want to learn chess yourself or teach it to your child, but are busy with lots of other good activities? This right-to-the-point book by one of the game's foremost teacher-writer teams uses a breakthrough approach to make the most of your time.

Best of all, you select your goal from one of three possible

Chess for the Gifted and Busy also provides the most time-efficient review of important techniques for chess veterans, even master-level players.

Chess for the Gifted and Busy is a condensed but comprehen-sive summary of the entire Comprehensive Chess Course.

Three-time U.S. and Ukrainian Champion, and European Champion Grandmaster Lev Alburt is one of the worlds most sought-after teachers. Fellow New Yorker Al Lawrence is an award-winning educator and writer, a recipient of the Chess Journalist of the Year award.

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