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"In the Comprehensive Chess Course, volumes 3, 4, and 5, Grandmaster Alburt bodly promises to deliver the most effective tactics, strategies and the best techniques for attack and defense of the king. He has managed to live up completely to his pledge.

A truly great work!"

--Max Dlugy, former World Junior

Chess Champion and former

U.S. Chess Federation President

“"Lev Alburt is a brilliant teacher, and his books capture

that brilliance.”"

--—Charles Murray, author of

Human Accomplishment

“"GM Lev Alburt, a highly successful chess coach, offers here

for the first time the once-secret Russian method of chess training."”

--13thWorld Champion Garry Kasparov,

describing the first two volumes of the Comprehensive Chess Course

"Simply put, this book is the best thing ever written for achieving

quick improvement in tactical play. Most players will soon notice

a jaunty uptick in their

tournament results— and rating!"

--Lary Parr, former editor of

Chess Life Magazine

"It's exactly what many have been looking for but dont even realize it: a great book for really learning openings without just memorizing variations."

--Grandmaster Glenn Flear on

Chess Openings for White, Explained in the prestigious international journal,

New in Chess Yearbook.

"Amazing! Pocket Book contains all the essential knowledge/"

--GM Boris Gulko, former

US and USSR Champion

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